Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Quick Look Into My Life This Week...

Hello again! I hope that everything is well in each of your lives this week. I have such a hectic schedule and it often times seems like my mind is going into overload, but somehow I manage to accomplish everything I need to do. One of my assignments I managed to squeeze into my schedule this week was for my Environmental Biology class. Our task was to contact family members and find out the years in which they were born that way we can use this information in class at a later date. As I called my relatives, I had flashbacks about memories I shared with them and how they influenced my development throughout life. All of the thoughts I had were allowing me to tie that information into what I recently learned in my Children's Environment class; how a child's environment affects them, and how an adults guidance supports their growth. 

Furthermore, thinking back to the training I attended for work tonight, our speaker talked about how important it is as a teacher to guide children to do what is right and wrong because children are not born with the ability to know these things. A child's environment should be warm and encouraging in order for them to fully develop in their own way. I know that when I was a young child, my family, and other adults around me, showed me the love and guidance I needed to grow and learn. It is sometimes difficult to remember how much impact I actually have on students, but I try to keep this in mind every day, not only while I am working right now in a daycare, but later on in life as a teacher.

Can you remember having a role model in your environment who was a positive influence when you were growing up? It could have been a parent, other relative, friend, or teacher. I'd love to hear your stories! Share them in the comment box below!

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